By Kirstin Castillion (10 years)

It was 7 o’clock in the evening when I found out that we were going to Jaw Jaw in the interior. We were going to this village, because my grandma had to collect some information for the feast of tabernacles.

I asked my mom: “are we going to drive to Jaw Jaw?”  Mom: “Yes, but not all the way. We are also going with the boat.” I was so excited. Oma: “But you guys have to go to sleep early.” Me: “Ok.” But we actually went to bed at 10 o’clock as always.

In the morning I heard my mother’s alarm go off. I woke up and was so happy to be awake. I saw my mom and my grandma in the kitchen getting the food ready. I was on my phone and my mom said: “PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN, BECAUSE I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU MORE TIME ON YOUR PHONE.”  So I put my phone down and offered to help. Mom: “There is a list on my phone; take my phone and put everything on the list on the table.” So I did it. There was not a lot to do so I went to take a bath. After I was done taking a bath my mom and grandma were done putting the food ready.

My sister finally woke up and took a bath. I got my bag ready and we waited for auntie Liesbeth and her son Asawini. She was a little late but she came. She came with her car. We all went in one car, in the big car, there were 6 people in the car so it was full, 4 people in the back and 2 in the front. We were driving for 3 hours.

We were at the boat place, Atjoni, at 12 o’clock but the boat leaves at 1 o’clock so we had to wait. Mom: “We will be on the boat for half an hour.” I was like half an hour wow that is long. Mom: “I have been on a boat for 12 hours, so half an hour is not that long.” So we waited for it to be 1 o’clock. It was 1 o’clock. We went on the boat and I was so excited. The boat was first going slow and then it went very fast. Kaelynn, my sister’s hat almost flew away. Kaelynn took her hat in her hands so that it does not fly away. My arms were burning so I took my sunscreen and put it on my body.

In the boat with aunty Liesbeth, Asawini and Kaelynn. Mom took the picture.

Half an hour later we were in Jaw Jaw. I stepped off the boat and so did the others. Me: “it is like the airport.” Mom: “Yes. It is actually a riverport.” Me: “Ooh that is a fun name.” We waited for the man who had to bring us to our room. He came and showed us our room. It was very beautiful. The bath room and the bed room were apart. I had no problem whit that. It was fun.

There was a computer room with fun games and books. I unpacked my bag and looked in my room. I loved it! My mom was happy that I loved it. Kaelynn made herself at home. My mom was also happy about that.

There was a small home for the little ones to play in. Kaelynn was there, so I came in. It was messy and it was on sand. After I was done playing in the house. I took a bath and wore my swimming clothes. We swimming in the river. The flow was very strong and almost took me with it.

Asawini, my friend said: “Let us go there.” He pointed at a big rock in the middle of the water. So me, my mom and sister went with him. It was very hard to get there, because we could not see the rocks under the water. My mom said no we are not going there anymore. It’s too dangerous. We went back to the others. After that we went back to the house to rest a little. After the rest we went to the creek with Bele who owned the tourist place. The creek was in the forest so we had to walk in the forest. It was very fun in the creek and it was easy to swim there because it was not a sula or rapid.

Fun at the Creek

We went back to the house. It was 7 o’clock when we got to the house. Me and Asawini decided to do a competition on the computer. The competition was who could finish their tables first. Asa won. He was in a higher level in school so I could understand why he won.

The computer room for the children of A Tela
a tourism lodge in Jaw Jaw

After that we went to eat, the food was delicious. I was looking for something fun to do before I went to sleep. I did not find anything so I just went to sleep. I woke up a few times and when I woke up it was pitch dark because 12 o clock at night electricity is turned off. I did not like that.

I woke up early because we had to leave at 9 o’clock. We ate some Top ramen soup. The boatman was waiting for us. We left at 9:15.

We stepped in the car and drove for 3 hours. We got home and the others stepped in their car, said bye and went home. We unpacked our bags and I said I cannot wait to go back. It was very fun.

Thank you for reading my story about the first time I went to Jaw Jaw in the interior. I will come back with another story about the feast of tabernacles in September.

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